1: "Sunset Beach - Witness breathtaking sunsets over the Delaware Bay shoreline at Cape May's Sunset Beach. A must-visit experience!"

2: "Cape May Lighthouse - Climb to the top of this iconic 1859 lighthouse for stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and its surroundings."

3: "Cape May Point State Park - Explore this natural oasis with picturesque trails, birdwatching, and the scenic Cape May Point Beach."

4: "Washington Street Mall - Stroll along this charming pedestrian-friendly street lined with boutiques, gourmet shops, and cozy cafes."

5: "Cape May Winery - Sip on award-winning wines while admiring the idyllic vineyard at this renowned winery in Cape May."

6: "Cape May Whale Watch & Research Center - Embark on an unforgettable adventure and spot majestic whales in their natural habitat."

7: "Emlen Physick Estate - Step back in time at this Victorian-era mansion, offering captivating tours, events, and a glimpse into Cape May's history."

8: "Cape May County Park & Zoo - Enjoy family-friendly fun at this free zoo, home to various wildlife species and beautiful picnic areas."

9: "Cape May Beaches - Relax and soak up the sun along Cape May's pristine beaches, known for their natural beauty and peaceful ambiance."