1: Start your fitness journey with these 9 effective yoga asanas to combat obesity. Achieve health and balance through mindful movements.

2: Awaken your core strength with the powerful Boat Pose. Strengthen your abs, back, and legs while promoting digestion and metabolism.

3: Melt away fat with the dynamic Plank Pose. Engage your entire body and boost metabolism for a tighter and slimmer physique.

4: Enhance flexibility and tone your waistline with the graceful Triangle Pose. Improve digestion and stimulate metabolism along the way.

5: Reap the benefits of the Bridge Pose to sculpt your glutes, thighs, and core muscles. Stimulate abdominal organs for better digestion.

6: Counter obesity with the invigorating Sun Salutation. Its flowing sequence boosts metabolism, promotes weight loss, and revitalizes the body.

7: Ignite your inner fire with the Warrior Pose. Strengthen your legs, engage your core, and improve balance while shredding excess pounds.

8: Experience the detoxifying effects of the Twisting Chair Pose. Burn calories, stimulate digestion, and trim down the waistline.

9: Relax and unwind with the reclining Butterfly Pose. Soothe your body, calm the mind, and aid digestion, promoting overall well-being.