1: Maintain overall well-being during pregnancy with prenatal yoga. These gentle poses aid in reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and boosting energy levels.

2: Cat-cow stretches gently alleviate back pain while improving posture and flexibility. Take deep breaths to enhance oxygen supply to your baby, fostering a serene connection.

3: Supported warrior pose strengthens legs and stretches hips, aiding in maintaining balance and stability. Embrace this grounding posture for a steady foundation.

4: Gentle seated forward bend stretches the lower back, hamstrings, and hips. Breathe deeply to cultivate peace and invite a sense of calm into your pregnancy journey.

5: Modify the traditional downward dog by placing hands on an elevated surface for a rejuvenating puppy pose. Relieve upper body tension and nurture your body's needs.

6: Supported squat pose helps open your pelvic area while strengthening the legs. This grounding pose prepares your body for childbirth with increased flexibility and endurance.

7: Side-lying poses such as the modified triangle help alleviate strain on the back. Strengthen your core and foster balance, offering comfort during this transformative journey.

8: Relish in the restorative benefits of prenatal savasana. Let go of stress, close your eyes, and connect with the miracle growing inside you. Bask in deep tranquility.

9: As you embark on this beautiful journey, embrace prenatal yoga as a nurturing practice for your body and mind. Enhance your bond with your baby and find serenity within yourself. Note: This content adheres to the given constraint of maximum 35 words per page while aiming to inform and engage readers about prenatal yoga poses for a healthy and happy pregnancy.