1: 1. Target every muscle group 2. Combine resistance training and cardio 3. Choose compound exercises 4. Don't forget bodyweight movements 5. Aim for balance and form

2: 1. Squats: Strengthen legs and core 2. Push-ups: Engage chest, arms, and shoulders 3. Lunges: Work lower body muscles effectively 4. Planks: Develop core stability and overall strength 5. Burpees: Boost cardiovascular endurance

3: 1. Deadlifts: Engage back, legs, and glutes 2. Shoulder press: Strengthen upper body muscles 3. Mountain climbers: Engage core, arms, and legs 4. Russian twists: Target obliques and improve flexibility 5. Jumping jacks: Great for cardiovascular fitness

4: 1. Bench press: Work chest, arms, and shoulders 2. Step-ups: Strengthen legs and enhance stability 3. Bicycle crunches: Tone abs and burn calories 4. Renegade rows: Build upper body and core strength 5. High knees: Elevate heart rate and burn fat

5: 1. Bicep curls: Isolate and sculpt bicep muscles 2. Tricep dips: Tone and define triceps 3. Side lunges: Work inner and outer thighs effectively 4. Superman: Strengthen back and improve posture 5. Wall sits: Engage leg muscles without equipment

6: 1. Hip thrusts: Activate glutes and strengthen hips 2. Leg press: Develop lower body strength 3. Flutter kicks: Target lower abs and improve endurance 4. Hamstring curls: Strengthen hamstrings effectively 5. Standing calf raises: Work calf muscles and improve stability

7: 1. Skater lunges: Enhance agility and leg strength 2. Romanian deadlifts: Focus on hamstrings and back 3. Reverse crunches: Strengthen lower abs, also engage hips 4. Tricep kickbacks: Isolate triceps to improve definition 5. Side plank dips: Work obliques and enhance core stability

8: 1. Bear crawls: Engage entire body and enhance coordination 2. Hip abductions: Strengthen hip muscles and improve balance 3. Standing oblique twists: Target side abdominal muscles 4. Seated rows: Strengthen upper back and improve posture 5. Box jumps: Boost explosive power and cardio fitness

9: 1. Kettlebell swings: Work entire body, especially hips and core 2. Skull crushers: Isolate and strengthen triceps effectively 3. Walking lunges: Engage legs, glutes, and improve coordination 4. Spiderman planks: Challenge core stability and strengthen arms 5. Medicine ball slams: Enhance power and engage multiple muscle groups.