1: 1. Mountain Pose: Stand tall, grounding your feet and extending your arms alongside your body. Feel the strength and stability it brings.

2: 2. Bridge Pose: Lying on your back, raise your hips while keeping your feet and shoulders grounded. Feel the stretch in your abdomen and thighs.

3: 3. Cobra Pose: Lie facedown and lift your chest by pressing your hands against the floor, arching your back. Strengthen your abdominal muscles.

4: 4. Boat Pose: Sit on the floor with your legs extended, then lift your legs while balancing on your sit bones. Engage your core for stability.

5: 5. Warrior II Pose: Open your hips to the side while extending your arms, creating power and building strength throughout your entire body.

6: 6. Tree Pose: Balance on one leg, placing the sole of your other foot above your knee. Focus on core stability alongside improved concentration.

7: 7. Seated Forward Bend: Sit with your legs extended, fold forward from your hips, and reach for your feet. Stretch your hamstrings and spine.

8: 8. Boat Pose with Twist: While in boat pose, twist your torso side to side, engaging your obliques and aiding in digestion and fat reduction.

9: 9. Child's Pose: Relax by sitting back on your heels, lowering your chest to your thighs, and reaching your arms forward. Rest and rejuvenate.