1: 1. Mountain Pose: Stand tall, feet hip-width apart, and stretch your arms overhead. Breathe deeply and feel the grounding energy flowing through your body.

2: 2. Tree Pose: Find your balance on one leg, lift the other foot to your inner thigh, and extend your arms overhead. Feel the strength building in your core.

3: 3. Warrior II Pose: Step wide apart, turn one foot outward, and extend your arms parallel to the floor. Feel the power and determination in this pose.

4: 4. Bridge Pose: Lie on your back, bend your knees, and lift your hips toward the sky. Activate your glutes and thighs, supporting your lower back.

5: 5. Boat Pose: Sit on the mat, balance on your sitting bones, and lift your legs to a 45-degree angle. Engage your core and feel your abdominals getting stronger.

6: 6. Plank Pose: Get into a push-up position, keeping your body in a straight line. Feel your entire body working as you hold this pose, building endurance.

7: 7. Camel Pose: Kneel down, arch your back, and reach your hands toward your heels. Open up your chest, stretch your abdomen, and feel the release.

8: 8. Downward Dog Pose: Begin on your hands and knees, lift your hips up, and push through your palms. Feel the lengthening and strengthening in your whole body.

9: 9. Corpse Pose: Lie flat on your back, legs slightly apart, and arms relaxed by your sides. Allow your body to rest, rejuvenate, and absorb the benefits of your practice.