1: Gold Toilet Seat – Lavish luxury for those with extravagant tastes.

2: Diamond-Encrusted iPhone – A flashy gadget that screams opulence.

3: Hermes Birkin Bag – The quintessential status symbol, with a jaw-dropping price tag.

4: Kobe Beef – Indulge in the world's most expensive and delectable meat.

5: Rare Blue Lobster – A marine marvel that commands premium prices at auctions.

6: Vintage Chanel Dress – Adorn yourself in timeless elegance, but at a staggering cost.

7: Black Truffle – Unlock the rich, earthy flavors of the world's most coveted fungus.

8: Fabergé Egg – Marvel at these intricate masterpieces coveted by collectors worldwide.

9: Yubari King Melon – Savor the sweet taste of this exquisite, pricey Japanese fruit.