Green & Lean Mouthwatering Avocado Salads Under 300 Calories

Avocado, a versatile and nutritious fruit, has become a staple in healthy diets worldwide. Its creamy texture and rich flavor make it an ideal ingredient for salads. In this article, we explore a variety of mouthwatering avocado salads, each under 300 calories, perfect for those looking to enjoy a delicious yet healthy meal. These recipes, inspired by Lilliemae’s Southern Cafe, offer a blend of taste, nutrition, and low-calorie delight.

1. Creamy Avocado Tuna Salad

This salad is a perfect blend of ripe avocados and protein-rich tuna, seasoned with tangy flavors. With only 200 calories, it’s an excellent choice for a light yet satisfying lunch or dinner. The creamy texture of the avocado complements the tuna, creating a dish that’s both nutritious and flavorful.

2. Zesty Southwest Avocado Salad

Experience the bold flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine with this zesty salad. It’s a colorful mix of avocados, beans, corn, and spices, offering a fiesta of flavors while keeping your calorie count low. This salad is not only a treat for your taste buds but also a feast for your eyes.

3. Quinoa Avocado Salad

For a wholesome meal, try this quinoa and avocado salad. The nutty flavor of quinoa pairs beautifully with the creaminess of avocado, providing a protein-packed, low-calorie meal. It’s a great option for those seeking a filling yet light dish, perfect for any time of the day.

4. Refreshing Avocado Cucumber Salad

This salad is ideal for hot summer days. Combining crisp cucumbers with creamy avocados, it’s a hydrating and refreshing choice. The lightness of the cucumber balances the richness of the avocado, creating a salad that’s both satisfying and low in calories.

5. Protein-Packed Spinach Avocado Salad

This vibrant salad is loaded with nutrients from spinach and avocado. It’s a great way to fuel your body with essential vitamins and minerals while keeping your calorie intake in check. The combination of leafy greens and creamy avocado makes for a delicious and healthful meal.

6. Asian Sesame Avocado Salad

Take your taste buds on a journey to the East with this Asian-inspired salad. It features avocados, sesame seeds, and a savory dressing, offering a unique blend of flavors. This salad is not only a culinary delight but also a low-calorie option for those looking to maintain a healthy diet.

7. Citrusy Avocado Salad with Shrimp

This salad is a perfect harmony of tangy citrus and creamy avocado, topped with succulent shrimp. It’s a refreshing and lean dish, ideal for a light lunch or dinner. The citrus adds a bright flavor, complementing the richness of the avocado and the sweetness of the shrimp.

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8. Avocado Caprese Salad

A twist on the classic Caprese, this salad combines avocados with sweet tomatoes and fresh basil. It’s a vibrant and flavorful dish, low in calories yet rich in taste. The creamy avocado adds a new dimension to the traditional Caprese, making it a must-try for salad enthusiasts.


These avocado salads are not only delicious but also align with health-conscious dietary choices. Each recipe under 300 calories proves that you can enjoy flavorful meals without compromising on nutrition. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch, a satisfying dinner, or a nutritious snack, these avocado salads are perfect for any occasion.

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